I love to shop, like a LOT.

Heading out for a shopping spree with my college discounts is honestly one of the best feelings ever. I take advantage of discounts anywhere I shop. I love saving money and you should too! 💸 So why not start now?! I’m always eyeing trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories. Whether it’s scoring a chic outfit for a fraction of the price or indulging in a guilt-free treat, college discounts make every shopping trip feel like a fun-filled adventure and feeling good about the savings! There’s so many discounts out there that a lot of students don’t take advantage of, and I feel bad for you if you’re one of them. 😂 And yes, boys, there’s plenty of them for you too, not just for us girls. Those Nike shoes? Yeah, you can get a discount on those baby’s. 🤑

So save this post and take a scroll below through the list of stores that offer a discount. Time to rack those savings up and save a little extra bar/alcohol money! 💰🤣

List of Stores





And if you can’t find a student discount...

Always ask in the store during checkout because you never know! A lot of stores have reoccurring discounts so it’s always worth asking.